Gary High School 1914-1978

The Coaldigger





Barbara Sims Farmer


My Name is Barbara and I was raised in a small Coal Camp in Pageton, West Virginia, one of many small Coal Camps in Mc Dowell County.  My Parents were Steve and Pauline Sims.  I went to Elementary school at Pageton, and Jr. High at Anawalt, and then to Gary for High School and graduated with the class of 57.

I left home after graduating with the class of 57 and went to Norfolk, VA got married and left W.VA behind  but not in my heart.  I have lived in all four corners of the United States. and Alaska, Panama Canal Zone Republic of Panama, & Udhailiyah, Saudia Arabia.                            

Sometimes I feel like the Hank Snow song, "I've Been Everywhere Man"  In my 57 Yearbook, They put beside my Senior picture "This little Kitty plans to move to a big city."  Well I did move to several big cites however, there's no place like home,  I try to get home as often as I can, and love going  down those country roads taking me home, it's the best feeling in the world.  Memories all come flooding back and I never tire of seeing those beautiful mountains, that I call home. 

 I recently remarried in April to Bud Farmer from Gary, WV and we are now making our home in  Sebring Florida for the winter months and in Bassett,Virginia  for the summer months.

 There's no place that I know of as beautiful as our West Virginia Mountains and Hills as our State song goes,  If or sea or land I roam still I think of happy homes and our friends among those West Virginia Hills.  I just wanted you to know something about the way I feel about our beautiful State of West Virginia, and  I'm especially proud to be a Gary Coaldigger.            

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