Gary High School 1914-1978

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Whites 4/27/13
Leckie, Anawalt, Pageton & other comunities
Miracle Mtn Reunion
Whites 10/19/13 



The Florida Reunion scheduled in April had to be cancelled because of the Death of Jan Miller Edwards brother Gary passed away, and so many of them were leaving for the seasonal Summer months, but we're all up and running again.

The first reunion of this year was Whites, there are pictures on that Reunion that was on Sat, April 27, 2013.

The Leckie, Anawalt, little Creek, Pageton , Jenkinjones and surrounding communities Annual Reunion was on June 22, 2013, Pictures are on the website, but there's lots of pictures without a name, so if you know any of the people without any name, email me and let me know ok.  There was so many people there.  I think this was the biggest one so far.

enjoy the pictures.